Photo by Gerry Pless

Welcome to D/V by Daniel Vu

/[...] I'm just genuinely curious [...]/

I have been criticized (largely by people close to me) for pursuing too many interests:


I love Russian underground anti-Communist novels but also contemporary Japanese adventure sci-fi

I like writing about Metabolism in postwar Japan, housing in Hong Kong & historic preservation in Saigon

I have a working knowledge of Classical and Modernist architecture but dig cyberpunk aesthetics a lot

I listen to Tears for Fears, Joe Dassin but also Off Course and Trần Thu Hà. Mozart? Bach? Hell yeah

I love to play Francisco Tárrega but can strum along Mr. Big just fine

I do photography and make short travel films and render virtual reality images

I speak 3 languages and plan to learn 2 more


Why not? Life is really short if you think about it. I'm making the best use of my time and would love to curate what I find interesting here in this digital journal.